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Stop the crazy, hurtful and unproductive conflict at work that zaps your time and energy, causes stress and creates siloes in your organization.

Start creating genuine and caring relationships at work and be a catalyst for workplace harmony.

Your Investment Only $17.00

Do you experience the following reactions to conflict?  

Then this is a great place to start to change the ways you feel and react to conflict.

Read on and see if any of these situations describes you…

You have an overwhelming urge to flee or fight when involved in a conflict

That fight, flight response is that part of our brain that jumps into action to protect us.



The problem is that our brain does not know the difference between real and perceived danger.


When you feel that you are in “danger” you will default to what you are most comfortable in doing which is to try and avoid conflict at all costs (flight) or defend your position at all costs (fight).

 You experience anxiety about having to have a difficult discussion with someone

You have sleepless nights thinking about what that difficult discussion will sound like, what it will feel like. You think about those perfect words to say and how you will respond to the other person.


You ruminate about the issues over and over in your head.


But 9 times out of 10 after you have that difficult discussion your mind is reeling with thoughts of “I should’ve said …” And the anxiety starts up the next time you find yourself having to have a difficult discussion.

Your brain goes blank (you freeze) when a conflict erupts

You feel like a deer in the headlights and completely freeze? You lose your train of thought (or you can’t think at all!) You are stuck for words and don’t know what to do, what to say and how to get the discussion back on track.

You feel inept at having a productive conversation during conflict. 

Manage Workplace Conflict- Take Bitter Moments and Make Lemonade is an easy to read and highly reflective e-book for busy business owners and leaders who want quick actionable methods to improve and even transform their work relationships.

Gain valuable personal insight into how you handle conflict and receive powerful strategies to strengthen your resolve to manage conflict moving forward.  

"You will be able to shift your thought process from fight or flight when faced with conflict to strategically manage your emotions and reactions so that you can have more productive and empowering discussions".

About Brenda

Brenda Hooper brings her 20+ years experience as a professional Mediator, Executive Coach and Trainer while she weaves her personal tale of “how not to handle conflict” into these pages. Brenda launch her private practice Discussions by Design (www.discussionsbydesign.com) with a mission to empower individuals and teams to embrace conflict as a means to create workplace synergy.

This e-book and accompanying workbook give you the strategies to shift your thought process from fight, flight or freeze when faced with conflict to strategically manage your emotions and reactions so that you can have more productive and empowering discussions.

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