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Communication and conflict management are skills business owners and leaders need to have to succeed in business and their careers. 

In fact, it’s no longer a “nice to have” soft skills to develop when you have some time but rather, research has shown these are “essential” skills required by all people in leadership positions.

Do you dread conflict....? or experience the following reactions to conflict:  

Your brain goes blank (you freeze) when a conflict erupts

You have an overwhelming urge to flee or fight when involved in a conflict

Experience anxiety about having to have a difficult discussion with someone

Then this is a great place to start to change the ways you feel and react to conflict.

Workplace Conflict- Take Bitter Moments and Make Lemonade is an easy to read and highly reflective e-book for busy leaders who need to get quick results.

Business owners and people in leadership positions gain valuable personal insight into their ways of handling conflict and powerful strategies to strengthen their resolve to manage conflict moving forward.  

"You will be able to shift your thought process from fight or flight when faced with conflict to strategically manage your emotions and reactions so that you can have more productive and empowering discussions".

This e-book and accompanying workbook enable you to reflect and apply your learning into your daily life immediately.  



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